DJ DRiSD (Bobby Stankovic) was born and raised in Astoria Queens, New York. Growing up he attended New York City public schools where he was exposed to diverse cultures and personalities.

In junior high school DRiSD discovered the drums. He signed up for band class and stuck with it, even though they cut the music program. Driven by love and
passion for the drum beat, DRiSD did what so many great spirits have done, continued to practice and learn on his own (band class or not). If you had asked Bobby then, “who are you?” he would have replied, “the backbone…powerful and undeniable.”

Talented, sexy, and dynamic, DRiSD was the session drummer for upcoming artists and bands throughout New York City. He played in several bands, did
numerous recording sessions, and released his first CD at the age of 16, rockin’ out at such venues as CBGB’s, the Continental, and Supper Club. In October of 1996, DRiSD co-founded his first band, ‘Wired’, which played all-original hard rock music and developed a considerable following among adolescents and young adults. In 2001, Wired disbanded, and a year later DRiSD co-founded his new band, ‘Droun’. Despite ever-growing success with Droun, DRiSD felt an intrinsic desire to move on.

No longer wanting to play in bands anymore, DRiSD needed a new outlet. He loved music and wanted to stay in it. Having been a drummer for 15 years, the art of DJing was something he could relate to easily. Beat-matching and blending beats per minute, came naturally to DRiSD. Feeling, developing and shaping the beat, were effortless and instinctual.

Inspired and curious, DRiSD bought his first DJ equipment in 2006, not knowing a thing about DJ’ing. With a burning desire to learn, and an unstoppable love for the beat, DRiSD practiced relentlessly in his basement studio. Starting out like most DJs, DRiSD performed at house parties and small events. Slowly he started to develop his own style and knew from the start what type of DJ he wanted to be. His styles of mixing include House/Hip-Hop/Mash-Ups/Open Format.

“When I’m DJing my biggest reward is when my mixes turn heads and people come up to me and say, ‘Wow! I’ve never heard that before, who are you?’”

DRiSD’s style is luminous, soaring and warm. His influences are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, and The Doors, to name a few.

DRiSD has performed at such notable venues as Webster Hall, Hudson Terrace, Santos Party House, The DL, Empire Hotel Rooftop, HK, Bar Basque at Eventi Hotel, Actors Playhouse, 49 Grove, Central Sushi Bar & Lounge, XVI Rooftop, Kastel at Trump Hotel Soho, The Chelsea Room, Butter, W.i.P., Hudson Hotel, EVR, Bounce Sporting Club and La Pomme. He has performed at repeat private events for esteemed clients such as Maximum Capacity Radio, Maxim, The Perfekts, SUZANA, Steve Madden, Joonbug and NBC/LX TV.

With his performances, DRiSD seeks to move and disarm.


Photo by: Vitaliy Piltser